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Night Vision
OWLER II Night Vision

Item No.: NVB03DR
NUTREK OWLER II Night Vision Binoculars with Laser Rangefinder empower your vision with a clear view in the dark.
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It is instrumental to have a clear identification of the target objects when hunting or patroling your turf at night.

The NUTREK OWLER II Night Vision Binoculars with Laser Rangefinder empower your vision with a clear view in the dark, and the tool to know the distance of your game or foe instantly.

With the advantage of a highly sensitive CMOS imaging sensor and HD display, and with the incorporated IR light, the OWLER II unveils everything in the dark for you in a clear and sharp image, in natural color, or black & white, or greenish tone, etc., for your visual preference.

With the large zoom magnification power from 6x to 36x, and augmented with Image Stabilization technology, the OWLER II brings vivid details of the far-away object to you clearly in a stable image, that greatly alleviated observation fatigue.

* High sensitivity night vision binoculars for observation and security surveillance

* Incorporated Laser Rangefinder for measuring distance and angle

* Well-balanced algorithm for clear and sharp images both in daylight and at night

* Wide Field of View with a large zoom range to watch out for larger areas or close-up detail

* Electronic Image Stabilization Technology for stable and comfortable observation at high magnification

* Adjustable interpupillary distance to adapt to different faces

* Video output to TV with 1/4" tripod thread for mounting on a standard camera tripod for extended surveillance

Use for:
Detecting hidden objects
Wildlife observation, such as bird watching etc.
Law enforcement



  • Color



MODEL 6-36x50
Magnification (X) 6-36 X
Objective Diameter (mm) 50
Field of View(°) 10°
Eye Relief (mm) 20mm
Interpupillary Distance (mm) 59~71
Display Specifications 1280X720
Display Area Diagonal 9.7mm (0.38")
Visual Range (1/4 moon, IR on) 0.8 ~ 600m
Visual Range (full moon) 0.8 ~ 1000m
Infrared (IR) Light 850nm /1W
IR Effective Distance 3 Levels
Picture Pixel 16.12MP
Mega Pixels
Output Image Colors Natural / Green /
Amber /
Black and White
WIFI Android/iOS   
Low Light Sensitivity 0.002LUX
SD/TF Card Max. Memory 128GB (FAT32)
Battery type (V) 4x CR123A
Work hour (IR off, 20°C) 4.5h
Work Temperature Range (°C) -10~+ 50
DC Input Type-C 5V2A
Shock/Recoil Rating N/A
IP Rating IP65
Specifications of Distance Measurement
Range of Distance Measurement 10m~700M
Ranging Accuracy <400m: ±1m  
>400m: ±0.4%m
Laser Wavelength 905nm
Angle Measurement ±60°
Angle Measurement Accuracy ±0.5°
Dimensions(LxWxH),mm 190x126x76
Weight (with battery) (g) 870


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