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Best Rangefinders 2022: Reviews & Guide To Choose Right One

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Author : Nutrek Optics
Update time : 2022-03-31 11:40:14

What Are Rangefinders?

Rangefinders are devices that allow you to measure distance. They use simple principles of optics and trigonometry to determine the distance between two objects.
There are many uses for rangefinders. They can be used in hunting, archery, golfing and other sports where knowing the exact distance between you and your target is essential for accurate shooting. They can even be used in military operations, such as sniping or artillery targeting.
At the moment, the best type is the laser rangefinder. It works by sending out a pulse of light, measuring how long it takes to get back, and calculating distance based on the speed of light. This makes them very accurate – usually within 1 meter – and ideal for most purposes.
The most common use for rangefinders is in golf. Golfers will use them to determine how far they are from the hole so they can select the proper club. However, they also have many other uses as well, including:
Hunting – Hunters will use rangefinders to get accurate measurements of their target before shooting. This makes it much easier to hit their target from long distances.
Shooting – Similar to hunting, shooters will use a rangefinder to determine the exact distance between
For many hunters, competitive shooters, and other people owning a gun, choosing the best rangefinder would make a lot for their hunting or shooting. It is especially critical in field situations. An appropriate rangefinder can change how well a person hunts during the seasons without fail.
Because they give you the ability to measure distance and make the appropriate adjustments to your shot, no matter how far away your target may be.
The best rangefinders on the market can prove invaluable in a variety of different hunting scenarios. For example, if you're hunting in thick woods with lots of obstructions, you'll need a rangefinder that can provide clear feedback at distances of up to 1,000 yards. Alternatively, if you're primarily concerned with shooting at close range (i.e., less than 300 yards), a rangefinder that offers greater accuracy at shorter distances will be more reliable than one that focuses on long-range shooting.
Nutrek Optics is here to offer the best solution and rangefinder for you, bring joy and satisfaction to all shooters, hunters, and outdoorsmen.

Rangefinder Binoculars Combo

1. RF11B series binoculars

Nutrek RF11B Binocular Rangefinder is ruggedly built with Magnesium chassis for light-weight and durability.

The RF11B series binoculars have a range-finding function as well as the features of regular binoculars with anti-reflective coating, which provides a contrast-bright, sharp and brilliant image even in difficult lighting conditions. It can also display the angle between the horizon line and the target as well as the horizontal distance. This feature is valuable for hunting or long-distance shooting because it provides the opportunity to compensate for the bullet drop and also be very helpful on the golf course!
Rated for extremely low and high-temperature use and having the operating temperature range between -20°C to +50°C, R11B can reliably measure distances up to 2300 meters with accuracies of +/- 1 meter or yard.
Fit for hunting, sniping, golf, etc. the RF11B is a great choice when precision matters!

2. RF06 Series Binoculars Rangefinders

NUTREK RF06 rangefinders are designed for long-range shooting and field observation.

The maximum measuring distance is 2000m. With 8x66mm high-quality roof binoculars, the device offers a spacious field of view, a bright view with high contrast for all surfaces with Multi-Coated Lenses((FMC)). It helps users get the distance and angle or height differences between you and your target. Besides, its mode can easily switch between meters/yards as the unit for measurement, and switch to the rain mode for rainy weather.

3. RF10H Compact Rangefinder

The Nutrek RF10H Rangefinders deliver outstanding distance determination up to 1200 m. This powerful, lightweight, and compact model is the perfect tool for measuring reliable results even in difficult terrain.

The excellent LCD with automatic brightness control means you always have a clear and crisp image. The function of angle measurement and speed measurement makes it especially instrumental for hunters in the mountains, as well as working as a high-quality rangefinder on the golf course. If your target is too far to see clearly, simply adjust the focus knob to get a better look
The rangefinder uses the latest advances in optical technology to determine accurate distance measurements to +/- 1 meter/yard, angle +/-0.5°, 6× magnification, and an adjustable diopter. With its multiple modes of scan/distance, angle, height measure/speed, and ergonomic design, the Nutrek RF10H fits comfortably in your hand and is lightweight with a compact construction.

4. The Nutrek RF09G

The  Nutrek RF09G Golf Rangefinder is a function-enhanced model for golf, with a rangefinder, flag locking (vibration alert after locking), and slope distance correction. It’s exactly a professional golf device for distance finder, targeting, shot, and calculation correction.

The device provides up to 1200M of distance measurement and features 6× magnification and an adjustable diameter. This ergonomically designed rangefinder is lightweight and small to hold in your hand easily, yet incredibly accurate with a measuring tolerance of +/- 1 meter/yard, angle +/- 0.5°. It measures angles, height, and speed. All this is an easy-to-use device that you can comfortably carry with you during golf games.
5.RF05N Long Distance Laser Rangefinder
 The NUTREK RF05N Series Laser Rangefinders are an indispensable aid for long-distance shooting, hunting, and outdoor sports such as golf and hunting.

With a measurement range of up to 2500m and an accuracy of +/- 1M, the NUTREK RF05N outperforms all other rangefinders in its class. Built-in technology provides a +/- 60-degree angle measurement so you can account for inclines or declines when making your shot.
The unit not only comes with Golf Mode / Pin-Seeking Mode also features multiple modes including measuring in rain, allowing you to take your readings even in poor weather conditions. The NUTREK RF05N Series is the ideal choice for any long-range environment that requires extreme precision in distance measurement

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