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Getting the Right Red Dot Sight for yourself

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Author : Nutrek Optics
Update time : 2022-04-14 12:18:46
Red dots sights are excellent tools to lock targets for close-range shooting. Red dots are accurate at about 100-200 yards and they are user-friendly in general. They’re highly customizable, and you can adjust mounting height and brightness. Your accuracy will be improved significantly when using a red dot during your shooting. There are two types of red dots: open and tubular.
The red dots can be used with almost any type of firearm. They are electronic optic sights and provide a dot within the lens viewfinder for shooters to aim at their target.
Red dots work by reflecting light at the lens to create an illuminated dot to help you align your aim directly on the target. Most shooting enthusiasts love to use red dots as they can be installed quickly. Our Nutrek team designs and manufactures multiple series of red dot sights which are waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof.
How do red dots work?
The red dot optic is equipped with a spherical mirror that reflects the light emitted by an LED. This spherical mirror has a special coating that exclusively reflects red light. As a result, other lights would not be reflected or reach this spherical mirror.
In other words, a light beam is directed towards the spherical mirror, which reflects the light and generates the reticle.
Reflex Sights are the most common type of red dot sight. Reflex sights project light into a mirrored lens, which accurately reflects the aiming point on your target. Reflex sights are typically open-style, but a tubular sight that functions more like a normal scope is also available.
 The lack of magnification in red dot sights is a disadvantage. If you wish to do long-range shooting, you can purchase a magnifying attachment. Reflex sights also offer the advantage of being able to be used with both eyes open, providing infinite eye relief. Using both eyes improves accuracy as well as visual awareness of your environment.
Red dots are budget-friendly as well. If you're concerned about spending too much money, most red dots are affordable. Some red dots come with additional attachments or mounts, so read the product description carefully before purchasing to ensure you know precisely what you're receiving.
Some useful tips:
Mount Your Sight Properly
Determining the optimal location for your scope can be hard, and it may require some experimenting to get it just right. Keep the following considerations in mind when adjusting and attaching your red dots:
If you're going to mount a magnifier, you might need to shift your red dot forward to create room. The size of the red dot is unaffected by moving it forward or backward.
After you've mounted your red dot, make sure it's balanced correctly.
The red dot can be mounted closer for a better view, but the range is limited.
Mounting it further away narrows the field of view but extends the range.
You can bring it closer to see more at close range.
A broader field of view is required for long-range shooting.

Choose the Right Location for Your Red Dot
The optimal location for the red dot attachment is directly above the receiver. Your firearm will be balanced and you will be able to grip it properly without sacrificing shot accuracy. The majority of red dots come with a Picatinny rail attachment and all of the necessary mounting hardware. If they don't, you can use tools like hex keys.
A mounting point should be present on the rail, which can be tightened with a hex key or an Allan wrench. Because the rail influences the precision of your shot, it's critical to attach it appropriately. To guarantee that it stays firmly in place, add a reinforcement such as Loctite.

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