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How to choose your dot sights and riflescopes for hunting and shooting?

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Author : Nutrek Optics
Update time : 2022-03-17 09:31:01
Choosing a right optic is key to enhance the accuracy of your AR-15. 

Should I get a red dot sight or magnified scope? What is the right optics for my rifles?

This is the most frequently asked question, and let’s find out what fits your AR-15 the best!

Benefits with Dot Sights:

A red dot sight is an optic with a red (or green) laser dot in the center.

Dot sights are quite handy since they are lightweight so they do not weigh down your rifle.

Another great feature of dot sights is that they are parallax-free, so shooters can aim and lock targets quickly and precisely without worrying about eye position.


Red dot sights are perfect for short-range shooting! Most shooters would use dot sights on rifles or short-barreled rifles up within 100 yards (The maximum is 300 yards in general). 

With a good red dot sight on a rifle, shooters can keep both eyes open while firing because most red dot sights are without magnification, which means the field of view is much wider than rifle scopes.

Hence, the red dot sight is a far better choice for home defense firearms.

Benefits of rifle scopes
For medium or long-distance shooting range, rifle scopes with a large objective lens50mm) are generally more accurate than a red dot.

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Moreover, users can customize the reticle patterns of rifle scopes to meet various scenarios and needs; thus, rifle scopes are more versatile in targeting scenarios than red dots.

Riflescopes with more illuminated reticles give a wilder illumination zone than red dot sights, allowing the shooter to turn the red dot based on the lighting conditions finely.
By choosing the correct magnification, then you will be able to unlock the full potential of your rifle.

Bear in mind that, as long as you choose the right magnification range based on your purpose, you can absolutely use your rifle scope for short-distance shooting.

No matter which type of sight you choose, please keep in mind that it’s not that the more you zoom in, the better.

Therefore, choosing a riflescope with correct magnification is the very first step for your accurate shooting.

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