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RF03N Series Rangefinders

Item No.: RF03N
NUTREK RF03N Series Rangefinders are ideal tool for -hunters and golfers. The incorporated function of angle measurement (specific models), speed measurement, etc., makes it especially instrumental for -hunters in the mountains when shooting at a certain
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The TACBAND RF03N Series Laser Rangefinders are specifically designed for long range shooting and hunting, as well as military snipering. Compact and powful with measuring distance up to 2KM and the ability to tell angle and height, the RF03N Series rangefinders are your competent tool to make the mission done beautifully.

* Measuring up to 2000M of distance with accuracy within 1M
* Built-in angle measurement of +/- 60 Degree for hunting in the mountains
* Multiple Mode including measuring in rainy weather
* Switch between yard or meter for distance unit
* Fit for hunting, snipering, surveillance, etc
ITEM# RF03N-2000 RF03N-1500 RF03N-1800
MODEL 2000M Long Distance Rangefinder 1500M Long Distance Rangefinder 1800M Long Distance Rangefinder
Distance Measurement Range 5-2000m 5-1500m 5-1800m
Distance Measurement Deviation ±1m ±1m ±1m
Distance Measurement Unit Yard / Meter Yard / Meter Yard / Meter
Pin Seeker Range 5-300m 5-400m 5-300m
Angle Measurement Range ±60° ±60° ±60°
Angle Measurement Deviation ±1° ±1° ±1°
Field of Fiew
Magnification 8X 8X 8X
Ocular Diameter 16MM 16MM 16MM
Objective Diameter 30MM 30MM 30MM
Exit Pupil Diameter 3.8MM 3.8MM 3.8MM
Diopter Adjustment ±4° ±4° ±4°
Focusing Ocular Ocular Ocular
Foggy Mode YES YES YES
Speed Measure NO NO NO
Height Measure YES YES YES
Angle Measure YES YES YES
Golf Mode / Pin Seeking Optional Optional Optional
Laser Safety FDA Class I (CFR 21), Eye-safe FDA Class I (CFR 21), Eye-safe FDA Class I (CFR 21), Eye-safe
Laser Wave Length 905 nm 905 nm 905 nm
Ingress Protection Level IP54 IP54 IP54
Auto Power Shutoff 30 sec. 30 sec. 30 sec.
Battery Type CR123A Lithium CR123A Lithium CR123A Lithium
Work Duration Approx 10,000 measurements Approx 10,000 measurements Approx 10,000 measurements
Product Size 148×96×58mm 148×96×58mm 148×96×58mm
Weight (W/O battery) 257g 257g 257g
Certifications FCC,FDA,CE,RoHs FCC,FDA,CE,RoHs FCC,FDA,CE,RoHs


  • Color

    Matte black by default
    Other colors can be customized



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