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RF10H Compact Rangefinder

Item No.: RF10H
The Nutrek RF10H Rangefinders has an excellent LED display with automatic brightness control, so you always have a clear, crisp image.
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This extremely lightweight and compact rangefinder is the perfect tool for measuring reliable results even in difficult terrain.

The Nutrek RF10H Rangefinders have an excellent LCD display with automatic brightness control, so you always have a clear, crisp image.

The incorporated function of angle measurement and speed measurement makes it especially instrumental for hunters in the mountains when shooting at a certain angle is frequent. If your target is too far to see clearly, you can adjust the focus knob to get a better look.

The Nutrek RF10H Rangefinders deliver outstanding distance determination up to 1200 m.

· Multiple Modes of Scan/ Distance, Angle, Height measure / Speed

· Measuring up to 1200M of distance( varied between models)

· 6× magnification and an adjustable diopter

· Measure distances accurate to +/- 1 meter/yard, angle +/- 0.5°

· Ergonomically designed to fit in your hand

· Lightweight and compact construction

· Measuring distance, height, angle, and speed

· Nitrogen purged – water and fog proof

· Fit for hunting in the mountains, and other needs




  • Color

    Matte black by default
    Other colors can be customized


ITEM# RF10H-1200 RF10H-1000 RF10H-800 RF10H-600
Distance Measurement Range 5-1200m 5-1000m 5-800m 5-600m
Distance Measurement Deviation ±1m
Angle Measurement Range ±45°
Angle Measurement Deviation ±1°
Field of View
Magnification 6x
Objective Diameter 24mm
Exit pupil Diameter 3.8mm
Eye relief 16mm
Speed Measure YES
Height Measure YES
Mode Scan/ Speed
Display LCD
Waterproof Yes
Battery Type CR2 Lithium



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