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BREX 1800m Binocular Rangefinder

Item No.: RFB11E18
The NUTREK BREX Series rangefinding binoculars are two products in one – binocular and rangefinder – making it a perfect gadget for outdoor activities.
Precisionly built with premium optical parts and magnesium chassis, the BREX rangefinding binos incorporate top of the notch optical system that completely build the laser finding module inside a full-size all-purpose binoculars.
The broadband FMC coated optics of BREX deliver images contrast-rich, sharp, and brilliant even in difficult lighting conditions. Aside from the ability of finding the distance of the target, the BREX can also be a good companion for birding, wildlife observation, and surveillance.
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The NUTREK BREX Series is two products in one – binocular and rangefinder – making it a perfect instrument for outdoor activities.

Multi-layer anti-reflection coating provides a contrast-rich, sharp, and brilliant image even in difficult lighting conditions.

It can also display the angle between the horizon line and the target as well as the horizontal distance.

Such information is valuable for hunting or long-distance shooting because it provides the opportunity to compensate for the bullet drop and also be very helpful on the golf course!

· Ruggedly built with Magnesium chassis for light-weight and durability

· Patented optical system delivers extra-bright image, enhanced contrast, and image detail

· OLED display with red illuminated icons

· Rated for extremely low and high-temperature use

· With good expansibility, GPS and electronic compass display can be added on the left

· Multiple Modes of Standard/ Rain/Golf/Hunting

· Measuring up to 1800M of distance( varied between models)

· Measure distances accurate to +/- 1 meter/yard, angle +/- 0.5°

· Fit for hunting, sniping, golf, sailing, etc.




  • Color

    Matte black by default
    Other colors can be customized


Series BREX
Distance Measurement Range 5-1800m
Distance Measurement Deviation ±1m±1%
Distance Measurement Unit Yard/Meter
Angle Measurement Range ±80°
Angle Measurement Deviation ±1°
Field of View
Magnification8 x
Objective Diameter 42mm
Exit pupil Diameter5 5mm
Eye relief 16mm
Wave Length 905nm
Angle Measure YES
Height NO
Speed NO
Horizontal Distance Measure YES
Display OLED
Ingress Protection Level IP57
Battery Type CR2-3V Lithium
Size 165x142x58mm
Weight(g) 990g



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