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What Should I Look for When Buying a Crossbow Scope?

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Author : Nutrek Optics
Update time : 2022-06-15 10:07:57
There are a few things to think about while buying a crossbow scope to place on your new bow. In many ways, these considerations differ from those for choosing a riflescope. These aspects should be factored into your decision as you begin your scope considerations.

There are two types of scopes. For your crossbow, you can pick between a fixed power sight and a variable magnification scope. Keep these considerations in mind while picking between a fixed-power scope and a variable-magnification scope.
  1. Internally, fixed power scopes are less complicated than variable power scopes. The fewer moving parts in the scope, the less likely it is to fail or be damaged.
  1. For the majority of crossbow shooters' hunting ranges, high magnification is not necessary. At these ranges, a fixed power scope in the 2 to 4 power range is usually more than enough for most hunters.
  1. Over-magnification could narrow your field of view and makes tracking moving targets more challenging. To provide oneself with a wider field of view, we recommend keeping the magnification as low as possible.
Dimensions and Weight
Longer does not always imply better. We suggest that you maintain your crossbow scope as short as possible. Short scopes are typically lighter. For some hunters, weight is a major concern while hunting with a crossbow. Long scopes might throw off your crossbow's balance, which can be a problem.
We understand why illuminated reticles are so popular. Our eyes lose some of their ability to concentrate and gather light as we get older. A typical black reticle on a background can be difficult to see in low light. For many of us, an illuminated reticle helps make acquiring a target much easier and faster.
The disadvantage of an illuminated reticle is that it adds weight to the scope. The scope's weight is increased by the illumination package and the battery.
The disadvantage of an illuminated reticle is that it adds weight to the scope. The scope's weight is increased by the illumination package and the battery.
Lenses with Multiple Coatings
Manufacturers of scopes frequently save money by lowering the types and quality of their scope lends coatings throughout the production process. We recommend getting a crossbow scope with fully multi-coated lenses if at all possible.
The scope's multi-coatings will reduce glare and distortion, making target acquisition easier. Coatings can also help protect your scope lenses from scratches and damage.

Finding a target and then realizing that your crossbow scope is fogged up or has condensation inside the tube will ruin a hunt faster than anything else. To avoid fogging and condensation, a decent crossbow sight will be sealed and nitrogen purged.

Depending on the manufacturer, the quality of the construction and the types of seals used in the scope will differ. User reviews can give you a decent idea of how well a scope functions in the field during severe or extreme weather.
Warranty and Durability
Good scopes are backed by solid warranties. Some scope manufacturers provide unconditional warranties. Others have very limited guarantees that the manufacturer frequently does not honor. Our advice is to purchase from well-known manufacturers who have a track record of honoring warranties.
Recommendations from Us
Riflescope designs address a variety of purposes and issues, including mounting on a high-powered rifle. These design elements aren't well suited to a crossbow application. In general, we believe the following specifications should be considered when purchasing a crossbow scope.
Select a scope with only the magnification you require. In most circumstances, a fixed-magnification scope is preferable to a variable-magnification scope. When hunting with a crossbow, the necessity for higher magnification is quite rare.
Choose a crossbow scope with a multi-reticle design to provide you with the most shooting possibilities. The reticles should be simple to view and operate, yet comprehensive enough to provide you with all of the alternatives you'll need during a hunt.
Hunting in low-light settings will be considerably easier and more efficient with an illuminated reticle. The trade-off between lighting and weight is a good one.
Choose the most comprehensive scope you can afford. Trading quality for a lower price is a recipe for disappointment. Cheap scopes are difficult to adjust, do not maintain zero reliably, and frequently fail. Shop around and buy the greatest scope that fits your budget and has the features you want.
Making wise crossbow scope selections can lead to years of excellent performance and fewer hassles and regrets. The issue in buying a crossbow scope is finding the correct mix of price and features.

Crossbow hunters will love the NUTREK ARC-TEC family of sights. These crossbow sights are among the most popular models, having been demonstrated to be simple and effective in the field. 

The ARC-TEC crossbow scopes have a short and light design with completely coated lenses that provide a large field of view and render images with great clarity and light transmission.